Center for Gender Justice

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Center for Gender Studies offers counseling services, referral services, social research, advocacy and training on gender rights to stakeholders at all levels. This intervention ensures that those in position of power and authority are more legally aware and informed about the law, policies and schemes that exist for the people they represent and serve. This will enable them to not only understand the nuances of the law but to ensure that implementation and execution of the same policies and projects related to children.

  1. Social Interest Litigation
  • Landmark Judgment Awarded – Independent Thought vs. Union of India (W.P. Civil 382 of 2013) before Supreme Court of India; for declaration of Exception 2 to Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, allowing martial rape within child marriages as unconstitutional. The New Indian Express 18 Sept 2015
  • Ongoing Public Interest Litigation – Independent Thought vs. Union of India [W.P. (C) 4678 of 2016 in Hon’ble High Court of Delhi] seeking for the issuance of necessary and appropriate guidelines for performance of Caesarian section operations to safeguard the reproductive health rights of women and children in India. This PIL pertains to the fundamental right to health of women and children in India and that absence of such guidelines is leading to violation of reproductive health rights.Times of India 20 May 2016
  1. Social Research – Evaluations and Action Studies
  • Conducted a study of the living conditions of adolescent girls on health, education and protection in 55 urban slums of 11 districts of Delhi [2013, DCPCR New Delhi]
  • Facilitation of a team of 15 Research Investigators and Transcription of field qualitative data to assess the situation of poor working women in the slums of Delhi [2013-2014, CARE, Delhi]
  • Compilation and analysis of baseline data on “Community Development with focus on Women & Child Rights and Livelihood Security” Ghaziabad Rural areas [2011-12, Asha Deep Foundation – Delhi, Uttar Pradesh]
  • Conducted Study using the GEM scale for understanding the prevailing nature and forms of gender related violence and notions of masculinity in 40 villages of 2 blocks. [2013, Save the Children, Sitamarhi District -Bihar]
  • Primary Data Collection in 7 states of India and Analysis using SPSS for Project International Girls Count Initiative, a comparative international study on Girl Child Protection [ 2010-11, HAQ Centre for Child Rights & The International Development Law Organization (IDLO)]
  • Conducted Evaluation of Cases in Sec 498A  to recommend future strategies for Project “Domestic Violence – Prosecution or Persecution” to highlight the vulnerabilities/gaps exist in delivering justice to victims of domestic abuse [2013 – 14, OXFAM, Gujarat]
  • Situational Analysis of Home Workers employed by Monsoon Accessorize against selected parameters set by ILO [2013-14, Monsoon India , Delhi and Bareilly (UP)]
  • A Due Diligence assessment study, on the impact of CSR work for the welfare of the local community (from [2013-14,  Cairn India,  Barmer, Rajasthan]
  1. Training and Capacity building
  • Sexual Harassment at the work place and Ethics in Governance & Corruption: Facilitated 2 day training programmes for Officials, Delhi Government [2009-10, Government of NCT Delhi, New Delhi]
  • Health, education, Personal Development and Legal Guidance on Domestic Violence: A 10 month long Partnership for Counselling Services on health, education, carrier guidance and domestic violence for youth, women and girls vulnerable to domestic violence [2010-11, SWATI supported by  OXFAM, Delhi]
  • Education and Health Counselling: Provided counselling sessions on case wise basis to WIPs and their children [2010-11, Sarahana Education Society, New Delhi]
  1. Law and Policy
  • District level Consultations on Child Marriage: Provided technical support towards developing State Action plan for reducing child marriage in the State by conducting a series of 7 District Consultations [2014-15; UP UNICEF, Uttar Pradesh- Ongoing]
  • Sexual Harassment at Work Place (SHWP) Committee: Independent Thought is the 3rd Party member of Sexual Harassment at Work Place (SHWP) Committee in 4 Corporate Establishments [2014-13, Panasonic, Thompson Digital, Yamaha and Contata, Delhi]
  1. Publications
  • Produced a Training Module on the  laws related to Gender Based Violence against Women for Para Legal Staff, Project Coordinators and Field Social Workers [2010, Human Rights Law Network , Delhi]
  • Developed a pictorial training manual on Gender Sensitivity Training [2010, SWATI supported by OXFAM, Delhi]
  • Reviewed, Edited and Updated Manual on Gender related Legislation [2010, National Law University & UNFPA Initiative, Jodhpur-Rajasthan]


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