Centre for Child Rights Law

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Center for Child Rights Law provides social research services, advocacy, training on child rights to multiple stakeholders at all levels. This intervention ensures that those in position of power and authority are more legally aware and informed about the law, policies and schemes that exist for the people they represent and serve. This will enable them to not only understand the nuances of the law but to ensure that implementation and execution of the same policies and projects related to children.

  1. Social Research – Mapping, Evaluations and Action Research
  • Conducted 3 month study to indentify Children in Need of Care and Protection and Juveniles in Conflict/Contact of Laws [2012-13, Plan India, Delhi]
    • Conducted the Pre Launch Study for PDP to understand Childcare Standards, Parenting Patterns and Factors Affecting Parenting needs of Young Children [2013, Mobile Crèches – Delhi, Trilokpuri – Delhi]
    • Conducted the Pre Launch of Study for PDP to understand Childcare Standards, Parenting Patterns and Factors Affecting Parenting needs of Young Children [2013, Mobile Crèches – Delhi, Seemapuri & Khanpur Slums of Delhi]
    • Conducted the Pre Launch Study for PDP to understand Childcare Standards, Parenting Patterns and Factors Affecting Parenting needs of Young Children [2013, Urmul , Rajasthan]
    • Conducted a study of the living conditions of adolescent girls on health, education and protection in 55 urban slums of 11 districts of Delhi [2013, DCPCR New Delhi]
    • Facilitation of a team of 15 Research Investigators and Transcription of field qualitative data to assess the situation of poor working women in the slums of Delhi [2013-2014, CARE, Delhi]
  • Conducted a National level Baseline Study in Uttar Pradesh on “Status of Child Protection in the State” before the launch of ICPS [2009, GOI through CIF, Uttar Pradesh]
  • Primary Data Collection in 7 states of India and Analysis using SPSS for Project International Girls Count Initiative, a comparative international study on Girl Child Protection [ 2010-11, HAQ Centre for Child Rights & The International Development Law Organization (IDLO)]
  • Conducted End Line Evaluation of the project Asha Deep Foundation Project ‘PEACE’ on impact of Gali School Education Programme [2010-11,Development Focus-Bangalore, Delhi]
  • Conducted a Need Assessment Study and Evaluation of JJ Act (2000 [2011, Railway Children- UK , Jabalpur and Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh]
  • Conducted Mid Term Evaluation of the Project ‘Right to Education and inclusive development’ [2011, Sugam Jagriti organization, Jahanabad – Bihar]
  • Undertook study in Situational Analysis for recommending Restructuring Plan and Future Strategies for Child Protection in Delhi [2011, CIF, Delhi]
  • Conducted Midterm Evaluation of Project ‘Right to Education and Sustainable Development’ [2011-12, DEEP supported by NEG FIRE, West Champaran –  Bihar]
  • Conducted Young Child Vulnerability Analysis under ECCD programme in 3 States and Prepared a Strategy Paper [2013-14, Plan India, Delhi, Odisha & Rajasthan]
  • Review and Evaluation of Project ‘Sports for Development’ [2013-14, Magic Bus, Delhi]
  • Project Evaluation and Pre-funding Assessment for Centre for Child and the Law, National Law School India University [2013-14, Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust, Bangalore]
  • Evaluation Consultant for Children in Difficult Circumstances Programme [2012. Plan India- Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan]
  • Formulation of Long Term Organizational Strategy on Child Rights and Child Protection [2013-14, Urmul, Rajasthan]
  • Conducted an End Line Evaluation of the project ‘Children’s Alliance for Realization of Child Rights’[2013-14, Save the Children, Bihar & Odisha]
  1. Law and Policy
  • State Policy for Children and State Action Plan for Children for J & K : Facilitated consultations as Lead Consultant for drafting State CPP [ 2011, Save the Children, J&K State]
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): Drafted guidelines for SOPs on Safer Institutions [2012-13, Dr A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust under Chuppi Todo Project supported by Plan India, Delhi]
  • District level Consultations on Child Marriage: Provided technical support towards developing State Action plan for reducing child marriage in the State by conducting a series of 7 District Consultations [2014-15; UP UNICEF, Uttar Pradesh- Ongoing]
  • Development of Organizational Child Protection Policy [2014, Child Fund, Delhi]
  • Development of State Child Protection Policy J & K [2014, J and K State, Jammu and Kashmir]
  1. Process documentation
    • Process Documentation of Jan Sunwai on Right to Education [2011, AIM, Lakhimpur Kheri – UP]
    • Process Documentation of four day training on Newborn and Child Health for HUP Staff  [2012, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi]
    • Process documentation of Chuppi Todo Project [2012, Plan India and A. V. Baliga Memorial Trust, Delhi]
    • Process Documentation for ‘Learn without Fear’ on the Right to Education Act and State Model Rules [2012, Plan India,  India]
    • Process Documentation on the best practices of the work done under Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) project [2013, Save The Children – Delhi, Bihar]
  1. Publications and Training Manuals
  1. Training and Capacity Building
  1. Child Protection, Integrated Child Protection Scheme and Juvenile Justice System
  • One day orientation trainings for Senior District Officials in each of 11 districts namely Dhamtari, Durg, Korea, Janjgir, Jashpur, Kawardha, Mahasumund, Raigarh, Rajnandgaon, Raipur and Sarguja [2011-12,DWCDChattisgarh,  Chattisgarh State (District Level)]
  • 6 day Orientation Training for CWC Members and Officials DWCD, Amravati Division (5 Districts – Akola, Amrawati, Buldhena, Washim and Yeotmal) [2013-14, Save the Children and DWCD, Maharashtra, Delhi]
  • Facilitation session for Committee of Secretaries from Bhutan, during a 10 day residential training programme [2012-13, Centre for Social Research, Delhi (International)]
  • Facilitated 2 Days State Consultation on ICPS for Project Staff [2009-10, Plan India & Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation, Uttar Pradesh (State level)]
  • Conducted Refresher Training and National update on JJS for National Team Members [2010-11, Railway Children-UK , Madhya Pradesh and Delhi]
  • Conducted Legal Training for four Plan India Partners’ Staff [2012-13, AV Balinga Trust, Delhi (State level)]
  • Technical Partner Agency under ‘Child Rights Project in 5 Districts of Uttar Pradesh for Capacity Building Trainings of Community Based Trainers (CBTs) on 10 Point Child Friendly Agenda and CP [2011-12,, UNICEF, Uttar Pradesh]
  1. Life Skills Education and Child Rights
  • Conducted 10 days training programme with 5 batches of children (8 yrs – 14 yrs) [2011, Asha Deep Trust supported by UNICEF, Moradabad, UP]
  • Facilitated sessions on Leadership, Communication and Decision Making for 30 adolescent girls from 5 villages of Loni Block [2011 – 12, Asha Deep Foundation supported by UNICEF, Gaziabad and Moradabad, UP]
  • Education and Health Counselling: Provided counselling sessions on case wise basis to WIPs and their children [2010-11, Sarahana Education Society, New Delhi]
  1. Workshop on POCSO and Issues of Child Sexuality:
  • Conducted one day workshop for Organization Staff [2014, Manovikas Charitable Trust, New Delhi]
  • Conducted one day workshop for Organization Staff [2014, Manovikas Charitable Trust, New Delhi]
  • Conducted 1 day training workshop for school going adolescent girls and boys [2009-10, Society for All Round Development, Haryana]


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